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Bench ph meter

pH Meter Lab 850 Even our entry level meter comes with a large equipment for reliable measurements. · "CalClock" - Visible Reliability this combination of sensor evaluation and calibration timer is displayed permanently. It monitors all calibration relevant parameters and components, e.g. buffer, electrode, curve slope, zero point and reaction time. · Precise Measurements in a short time with advanced algorithm for evaluation of the stability of the measuring result. This criterion is particularly adapted to our electrodes. · 16 pre-programmed buffer sets – convenient and safe calibration the stored buffer sets (incl. thermal shift) and the automatic buffer recognition secure the correct classification of the mV-measuring signal to the nominal pH-value. This increases the reliability of the subsequent measurements. · New: with data back-up and –transfer RS 232-interface for transfer of measurement results and calabration data plus a data memory for 800 data records make GLP even more convenient.


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